The repute of PolitiFact as an “impartial fact-checker” simply does not relaxation on their factual accuracy. It rests on whether or not their collection of which info to verify reveal an ideological tilt (it does). Conservatives had been mocking their tweet from Thursday night time: 

“Watch out for Fb posts blaming Joe Biden” is what PolitiFact is specializing in proper now.

Invoice McCarthy was taking exception a Facebook post that claimed “Insulin went from $60 to $500 with the swipe of creepy Joe’s pen…” A Fb publish with 1,100 shares is extra harmful, apparently, than nationwide media retailers that mangle the info for thousands and thousands of People.

Let’s stipulate that this is not a really factual assertion. Final summer season, President Trump ordered that insulin costs be lowered within the Medicare program for seniors, however it wasn’t set to be carried out till January 22, and Biden suspended it (briefly) in his wave of Trump-reversing govt orders.

That is how McCarthy concluded his verify: 

A Fb publish claimed insulin costs rose “with the swipe of (Joe Biden’s) pen.”

People who take insulin might have seen costs fluctuate for a number of causes associated to their insurance coverage protection and the precise medicine they use. However these modifications can’t be pinned on the Biden administration’s actions, specialists mentioned. 

The Biden administration did briefly freeze a directive associated to at least one federal program, however that may not have affected present insulin costs, as a result of the coverage had not but taken impact.

We price these Fb posts False.

Of their footnotes, PolitiFact underlined that the fact-checker group as a bloc was dashing to defend Biden: 

Lead Tales, “Fact Check: Biden White House Freeze of Trump Executive Order Did NOT Cause Insulin Prices To Increase,” Feb. 13, 2021

AFP Truth Test, “Trump’s insulin order frozen, not scrapped, by Biden,” Feb. 3, 2021

USA At this time, “Fact check: Biden administration delays implementation of Trump rule on insulin, EpiPens,” Feb. 3, 2021

They not noted Snopes on January 25, Did Biden Temporarily Freeze Trump Rule Lowering Insulin, EpiPen Prices?

To not point out their very own obsession: 

PolitiFact, “Walker exaggerates effect of Trump drug order, Biden freeze,” Feb. 11, 2021

PolitiFact, “Why are insulin prices going up? Chuck Grassley explains it,” Feb. 2, 2021

PolitiFact, “ISIS, drug prices and COVID-19 deaths: How a viral post misleads on Biden’s first days in office,” Jan. 26, 2021

PolitiFact, “Trump inflates insulin help for seniors,” Aug. 3, 2020

Even so, this has not been a TV story. A fast search of transcripts in Nexis for “Biden” and “insulin” since January 20 on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC discovered no point out of Biden’s freeze on Trump’s insulin value order. There have been eight tales with these two phrases, all of them on the cable channels, and 5 of the eight had been in regards to the prospect of Texans caught with out insulin within the winter storm. 

PolitiFact is not shy about touting Biden’s “competence” as a True Factor. This item got here two days earlier than the Biden-insulin publish: 

In comparison with: 

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