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Pink clover is certainly one of my favorite herbs to have on hand. In case you exit into your yard within the spring and summer time, you’re prone to see it (relying on the place you reside).

Like many “weeds” around us, crimson clover has many well being advantages. I exploit it in teas, in cooking, and topically for pores and skin irritation.

Right here’s why crimson clover is certainly one of my favourite pure treatments:

A Widespread Weed That’s A lot Extra

Pink clover (Trifolium pratense) is a plant native to Europe and Asia however has been naturalized to develop in North America too. It’s additionally identified by widespread names similar to Beebread, Cow Clover, and Meadow Clover.

Pink clover is a member of the legume household. The crimson flowers are dried and used medicinally for a lot of conventional makes use of together with:

  • most cancers
  • whooping cough
  • respiratory issues
  • pores and skin inflammations, similar to psoriasis and eczema
  • menopause signs
  • osteoporosis and bone loss (used to enhance bone mineral density)
  • cardiovascular well being (together with supporting blood circulation, blood stress, wholesome levels of cholesterol, and avoiding blood clots)
  • gout

Whereas not all of those makes use of have been backed by science (but!) many herbalists strongly consider that crimson clover is useful for these points.

Pink Clover Well being Advantages

There isn’t a variety of definitive analysis on crimson clover’s conventional natural makes use of, however here’s what we do learn about the advantages of crimson clover.

Incorporates Essential Vitamins

Pink clover may be very excessive in calcium and likewise incorporates chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C. Moreover, crimson clover incorporates numerous isoflavones (a phytoestrogen), which might act like estrogen within the physique. This may be useful for people who find themselves low in estrogen.

Pink clover additionally has sturdy antioxidant properties, based on a 2016 research. This makes crimson clover a terrific general herb to help the physique.

Helps Cardiovascular Well being

Pink clover has been used historically for its cardiovascular advantages, although the science is a bit unclear. A 2006 evaluation discovered no good thing about crimson clover on cardiovascular well being.

Nonetheless, a research that got here out just a few months after this evaluation discovered that crimson clover does appear to have a constructive impact on blood lipid ranges (excessive ldl cholesterol) and bone mineral density.

In one other research, crimson clover considerably lowered C-reactive protein, triglyceride, complete ldl cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol (“unhealthy” ldl cholesterol”). Pink clover additionally appeared to extend HDL-cholesterol (“good” ldl cholesterol).

We’d like extra analysis to make sure of crimson clover’s means to help cardiovascular well being, however as a result of it’s been used historically used for generations with out dangerous uncomfortable side effects, many really feel assured in attempting it.

Helps with Menopause Signs

Certainly one of crimson clover’s hottest makes use of is for symptoms of menopause like scorching flashes. As a result of its phytoestrogen content material, it’s considered useful for low estrogen associated points.

Pink clover can lower the frequency of scorching flashes and assist with vaginal dryness related to menopause based on a 2016 systematic evaluation. Extra analysis is required although, to search out out if it helps with different menopause signs such as sexual function or sleeping points.

Most cancers Help

Pink clover could also be useful as an addition to anticancer drugs. A 2019 evaluation discovered that crimson clover had important anti-tumor properties and that it acted synergistically with anti-cancer drugs.

Moreover, in a 2009, researchers found that utilizing crimson clover lowered prostate-specific antigen (PSA). PSA is a protein discovered at elevated ranges in prostate most cancers sufferers.

Whereas it’s usually thought finest to keep away from any estrogenic herbs if one is coping with breast most cancers, some analysis reveals that crimson clover might not be an issue. A 2011 research discovered that crimson clover, when used together with estradiol, acted as an estrogen antagonist (blocker). Extra data is required, however this analysis means that crimson clover might assist combat breast most cancers in addition to different cancers.

Pores and skin Help

Certainly one of my favourite methods to make use of crimson clover is to assist help wholesome pores and skin and scalp. I personally use it this manner on rashes or different pores and skin points. In a 2011 research, researchers confirmed that crimson clover can enhance pores and skin and scalp.

Conventional Utilization of Pink Clover

Pink clover can be utilized in quite a lot of methods, however the way in which you select to make use of it is dependent upon what you might be utilizing it for. Listed below are some tips for utilizing crimson clover:

  • Tea – Pink clover tea will be ingested to assist with cough, menopausal signs, and to get the nutritive advantages of this herb (see the model I exploit beneath).
  • TinctureTinctures are finest whenever you desire a extra concentrated product, similar to assist with menopausal signs or cardiovascular help. Teas can work for these items as properly however tinctures get extra of the medicinal properties into the physique shortly.
  • Poultice – A poultice of crimson clover can be utilized on pores and skin irritations like rashes, eczema, and different delicate pores and skin points. I like to combine crimson clover with calendula for its soothing properties.
  • Capsules – you should utilize crimson clover capsules as properly, which will get the complete herb into the physique. This helps you get the nutritive advantages in addition to the medicinal advantages in case you can’t tolerate tinctures.

Foraging for Pink Clover

Search for the distinctive purple crimson clover blooms in spring. I’m not a foraging skilled by any means, however this site offers some useful steering.

What I Use

The best approach to eat red clover is in capsule form, although tea bags and bulk red clover flowers are additionally out there.

Is Pink Clover Secure? Aspect Results

Pink clover is usually thought-about protected and there are not any critical uncomfortable side effects. However as all the time it is best to ask a healthcare skilled earlier than utilizing this or any herb.

As a result of crimson clover incorporates phytoestrogens, it’s not really useful to be used by pregnant ladies, or these fighting estrogen dominance circumstances. It’s additionally not really useful to be used in these with breast, ovarian, or endometrial most cancers (although there was the research talked about above that contests this standpoint).

Pink clover can be not to be used:

  • in these with liver issues.
  • with contraceptive contraception tablets.
  • in these on blood thinners (crimson clover could also be an anticoagulant).

At all times test along with your physician earlier than beginning a brand new natural routine.

This text was medically reviewed by Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Household Doctor and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As all the time, this isn’t private medical recommendation and we advocate that you just discuss along with your physician.

Have you ever ever used crimson clover dietary supplements? What did you employ it for?


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