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Katie: Good day, and welcome to the “Wellness Mama” podcast. I’m Katie from and And this episode is all a couple of holistic strategy to hair loss. And it takes a very distinctive angle that I’ve not seen addressed earlier than. I’m right here with two folks I like very a lot and take into account extremely, extremely sensible. The primary is Ian Mitchell, who has formulated many merchandise, together with a number of which might be very a lot part of my every day life now and has additionally formulated this hair treatment that addresses hair loss in a method that I’ve by no means seen earlier than and with fairly excessive outcomes. And I’m additionally right here with Dr. Tami, who’s the creator of “The Hormone Secret.” She is a doctor, and a mother, and has specialised in each beauty drugs and now in stem cell drugs. She’s extremely sensible and actually helps folks tackle the underlying explanation for all types of issues. She likes to say that nice is a four-letter phrase when folks ask how you’re and he or she actually strives to assist folks discover limitless vitality and well being. And I’m actually excited to share her with you right now. So, with out additional ado, let’s soar in and perceive hair loss.

So, on this episode, we’re tackling a subject that I feel is actually necessary I’ve not tackled on right here but, which is the subject of hair loss. We all know this impacts loads of girls and loads of males, actually. It’s one thing that folks in my life have struggled with. And I really feel like there’s loads of misinformation with regards to hair loss and loads of therapies that appear doubtlessly harmful, or not less than not efficient. And so, I’m actually excited right now to actually delve into the roots of hair loss and likewise discuss some options that may be actually efficient. And I’m right here with Ian Mitchell and Dr. Tami who I’m attending to see in particular person after not seeing her for years, such a deal with, and two of the most effective folks I can consider on this planet to speak about this right now. So, to begin broad like we normally do, I wanna go into, sort of, what’s happening physiologically within the physique once we’re seeing hair loss. Is it single trigger? Is it multi-cause? What are a few of these, to make use of the pun, roots which might be happening within the physique once we’re speaking about hair loss?

Ian: Okay. So really, I feel I can soar in with a portion of that as a result of we’ve checked out it from loads of totally different approaches in say, with males, sometimes, everybody seems to be at dihydrotestosterone and 5-alpha-reductase, and the ratios and the balances there. However that’s really sort of, because it seems, extra of a tertiary operate. It’s probably not even the secondary trigger. And it’s positively associated. And you’ll see how these issues correlate. However correlation, as we all know, doesn’t at all times equal causation. And so our strategy has been to have a look at what we thought could be the basis once more, to make use of the pun, the basis explanation for the problem. And, you realize, I at all times say this, nevertheless it’s that Henry David Thoreau quote, if you realize it, “For each thousand hacking on the branches of evil, there’s one hacking on the root.” That’s who you wanna be is addressing what’s actually going to elicit the most important response with the minimal effort so you will get the most important yield for folks.

So, what we’re taking a look at is how will we up-regulate intracellular operate? As a result of the physique desires to do what it’s designed to do, proper? And follicular cells are not any totally different. For those who present them with the assets, they don’t need to be in an clever or catagen part. They, you realize, need to be in an antigen development cycle, pumping out hair. That’s what they’re designed to do. And so, we’ve checked out how to do this and provide you with what I’d say is classed extra as a holistic strategy however in actuality, the science simply is excellent and it’s wanting on the mix of detoxing pathways and how one can stimulate upregulation of ATP whilst you’re down-regulating cytokine responses so that you just create probably the most conducive surroundings in direction of selling the expansion. And so, it wasn’t…you realize, you had been asking, is it one single level? It’s not. Like with something within the physique, it’s, you realize, multivariate, multifunctional methods.

And so, we needed to tackle an entire host of various issues to beat the problem. And I’d say really, we’ve carried out a surprisingly good job of doing that. However once more, we had to have a look at it when it comes to chemical pathways, detoxing pathways, photonic upregulation utilizing lights at particular frequencies to stimulate cytochrome. And there’s a litany of actually good research. I feel what we’ve carried out is mix all the finest parts collectively in a single system, you realize, to get the problem handled and stuck up and fairly effectively. And Tami, I feel you’ll be able to most likely elucidate issues when it comes to, you realize, the organic parts of the totally different cycles. So have at it.

Dr. Tami: Effectively, you realize, hair loss impacts all people in another way however I feel that we underestimate how a lot it impacts the folks which might be getting affected. Over 50% of ladies over the age of 45 have hair loss. And I do know you realize who you’re. Your ponytail holder goes round 4 occasions now as a substitute of two or three. And males really can have hair loss as early as their 20s. And it positively is a multifactorial factor. We do have hormones concerned. Now we have diet. Now we have circulation. Now we have detoxing. Now we have vitality of the particular cell. And so there’s loads of therapies, over-the-counter and prescriptive, however I don’t know any of them…And I’m an MD and so I’m gonna have a look at it medically regardless of if it’s over-the-counter or a prescription. I don’t know of any “remedy” that doesn’t have a number of probably actually scary unwanted side effects. You recognize, issues like disrupting your entire hormone pathways in women and men, making your entire system shut down with regard to libido. There’s so many. I may go on and on and on, and even the topical ones are having these unwanted side effects as effectively.

Then now we have people who find themselves identical to, “Effectively, I’m simply not gonna bathe as a lot,” or, “I’m simply not gonna brush my hair as a lot.” Effectively, what you’re actually doing is you’re simply not permitting the hairs which might be already dislodged from the follicle to fall out, you aren’t saving any hairs by not showering. You’re not saving any hairs by not brushing. There’s really 4 phases of hair development. There’s three which might be in style, however there’s really a…popularly talked about, however there’s a fourth one. There’s the antigen part, which is the lively development part. And that’s the one the place your hairs are most vulnerable to hair loss from like laser hair elimination, but in addition they’re going to develop extra. So, any remedy that you’ve got, and if you happen to’re utilizing the system that we’re speaking about, which is restore hair loss, you then’re going to have to make use of it for sufficient time for the hairs to undergo all of the phases as a result of not all your hairs are within the antigen part at one time. In the event that they had been, then they’d all be within the exigent part, which is the falling out part.

After which we’d be like Phoenix, proper? We’d molt. That wouldn’t work. So, there’s the antigen part. And you then go to the catagen part, which is that this resting transitional part the place your hairs have stopped their lively development, however they’re preparing they usually haven’t fallen out but. After which you might have the telogen part the place that’s really the place it’s dislodging. After which the exigent part is when it really falls out. And that’s all you’re doing is you’re simply serving to the exigent part while you’re brushing. However I need you to know that circulation is actually necessary. You do must have circulation as one of many many components that may assist your hair develop. So, now we have a system that has a derma curler as a result of it will increase the blood stream to your scalp. And that’s tremendous necessary. Not solely does that assist your entire system…Even if you happen to simply did that, that may be useful. But it surely additionally will assist the serum as a result of extra blood stream helps the circulation and helps it get it into the scalp extra typically and extra regularly and penetrate higher.

Katie: And I feel for folks listening with regards to hair loss or hair development and perhaps understanding these hair cycles, one instance that may come to thoughts for them is being pregnant. As a result of I do know having had youngsters myself, it looks like throughout being pregnant, my hair would get actually, actually thick. So I’m guessing there’s a distinction within the cycles or one thing’s occurring there. After which loads of girls expertise postpartum hair loss. So are you able to clarify what’s happening or what modifications throughout being pregnant and any method that that may be relevant to our understanding of stopping hair loss?

Dr. Tami: That’s a hormone base. So, when you might have your being pregnant, you might have a excessive stage of progesterone and your estrogen are steady, and it’s not fluctuating up and down. So your hairs sort of get caught into this glorious full and nothing’s falling out. However then you might have your child and all the pieces flows. And normally, girls begin to discover that their hair actually modifications when their intervals begin coming again. You’ll be able to see after being pregnant that your hair does begin to fall out proper after the child as a result of that’s when your hormones go down. And hormones are a part of hair loss in women and men. And so we need to be sure that while you’re going to judge hair loss, we need to know slightly bit about it. We need to educate you. If you opt-in to get one thing that’s going that will help you develop your hair, you also needs to be given some schooling about all the varied points, and hormones needs to be considered one of them. Diet needs to be one other one, like I stated, circulation, after which the ATP and the mitochondria and getting the vitality in order that your cells can really make new hair.

Ian: So, there are a few attention-grabbing hacks that we’ve checked out. So we’ve damaged issues down when it comes to the kits of find out how to do it as quick, sooner, and quickest. And quickest is sort of humorous to me since you use photonics. And so, principally what occurs is you are taking LEDs, and LEDs at round 670-nanometer bandwidth will have an effect on the cell cycle. And they also photonically stimulate the cell cycle. They hit a factor referred to as cytochrome after which they bump nitric oxide out of the best way and substitute it with a pleasant oxygen. And so it’s successfully forcibly shifting the oxidative phosphorylation, the electron transport chain via. And so you find yourself with greater rapidity within the development cycle. So it seems that it’s really going actually quick. However principally what you’re doing is you’re overclocking your intrinsic mobile development cycle. And so, while you mix that with a few of the different issues that we’re doing, just like the scalp masks, which it’s a once-a-week course of the place you detoxify the follicles.

So, we’re pondering if you happen to strategy it from the skin and also you take away all of the issues like, you realize, the parabens and the totally different stuff that you just’re really additively putting while you wash your hair and also you clear and you place merchandise in it, while you take away that, loads of the expansion will get suppressed simply since you’re inhibiting your physique’s regular cycles, proper? It’s going to supply issues, oil goes to come back out. However if you happen to inhibit that with loads of chemical components, you might have each the chemical stress along with really mechanical stress positioned on it by not having correct viscosity in varied small areas like follicles. And little modifications like which might be additive. And within the quickest setup, we use the photonics to try to set off the cycle in order that it bumps up the tempo. So it has the looks…and I’m positive we can provide you some footage you’ll be able to publish. However when folks see it, they assume, “Effectively, that’s not attainable. You’ll be able to’t develop hair that quickly.” Yeah, really, you’ll be able to, it’s simply artificially stimulating the cell cycle to course of via. And so it has the online impact of upregulating ATP manufacturing, dropping the cell cycle occasions. And so, on the finish of the day, you appear to be you might have much more hair than you must have in a a lot shorter interval, as is evidenced by, you realize, the images. And, admittedly, it’s slightly stunning.

However while you strategy it systemically and say, “Okay, we’ve gotta take out the chemical stress so we will clear the surroundings in order that the cells can really do it.” We did a bunch of issues utilizing totally different minerals to detoxify the system and likewise to dam oxidative stress contained in the cells. And the online impact of that, it’s similar to another initiatives I’d labored on the place we began taking a look at sub-cellular constraints when it comes to ATP manufacturing. And we figured oh, effectively, we cannot actually add vitality into the system like we’re doing with photons, we simply can merely maintain it from shedding the vitality that it inherently has. So that you simply make the physique operate extra successfully by blocking system loss. So while you block the loss and also you add in additional vitality, you find yourself with a internet impact the place all the pieces is shifting a lot extra quickly that it seems to be like this, sort of, magical twist nevertheless it’s actually not. It’s simply, sort of, synergistic additive results of various stimulation.

Katie: I really like that you just guys contact on the detoxing side as a result of this was really one thing I went actually deep on when researching for our haircare merchandise, realizing we all know as girls we’re uncovered to loads of chemical substances via private care merchandise. And a overwhelming majority of these are haircare merchandise. And it’s, sort of, an ideal storm as a result of we’re stripping our pure oils with loads of these actually harsh detergents. After which many ladies are spraying aerosols, and parabens, and plastics straight on our hair and our scalp. After which it’s a relentless stage of publicity, our scalp is uncovered to those all day, on daily basis. And people do construct up we’re now understanding. And so, I used to be excited to deal with that from the haircare side. However that alone isn’t going to reverse the hair loss points. That was why I used to be so excited to actually delve into this with you guys. And I feel there’s so many instructions to go from right here.

However I really like that you just introduced up, Tami, the diet aspect and the hormone aspect as effectively. And I do know it’s very a lot a each/and dialog. However I feel it’s additionally necessary to speak about that aspect slightly bit to sort of get the holistic understanding of that as a result of typically on-line, I see sources simply speaking about, “Oh, simply take biotin and that’ll repair it.” And that makes me nervous with my background in genetic analysis as a result of while you take particularly an remoted vitamin like that in megadoses, it will possibly throw loads of different issues out of stability, or in some folks, there are genes that reply actually negatively to extra biotin. And that appears to be the mainstream hair loss recommendation. So are you able to, sort of, give us a primer on the hormone aspect and the diet aspect?

Dr. Tami: Completely. And only one little tidbit on the detox aspect as effectively. You recognize, there’s hair care merchandise which might be clear they usually’ll take away all of that junk out of your hair. However we overlook that these chemical substances really enter into the cells of your scalp and into the follicles. And so that you just really must detox your cells. And so it’s nearly like that you just do must have a masks or some sort of a serum that pulls out the chemical substances which have been saved or leached into your cells. So, simply bear in mind, clear hair shouldn’t be detoxed hair.

So, I really like hormones. My favourite hormone for ladies is testosterone as a result of no one ever thinks about it. They don’t discuss it and we’d like it, and slightly tiny bit has an outsized position in how we glance, really feel, and performance. However testosterone isn’t the top of our hormone story. Testosterone can grow to be different issues and it will possibly grow to be estrogen, it will possibly grow to be dihydrotestosterone, and it will possibly grow to be different estrogens.

And the beauty of hormone cascade is that it’s like going from one step to a different step that may be a key’s required for that step to occur. And the bottom line is usually a vitamin or a mineral. They’re referred to as coenzymes. However the issue is, is that if you happen to simply begin randomly taking issues, like Katie was saying, that you just don’t know in case you have that lacking coenzyme. And you’ll really change your entire biochemical route within the reverse method if you happen to add one thing that you just don’t want. So, there are some things that you must search for, I’m not telling you to take them, however you must search for, do you might have iron deficiency? That’s a giant one. And other people at all times say to me, “Oh, I eat effectively. I eat clear. I eat natural. I eat no matter.” Does that imply you’re absorbing it? And in order that’s a very large challenge for us to know and so that you can know. And abdomen acid is tremendous necessary so that you can take up iron. Iron is absorbed in an acidic surroundings. And if you happen to take antacids of any sort, there’s an opportunity that you’ve got a light iron deficiency. So, studying about how your physique absorbs issues, I feel nutritionally is the most important a part of the story, relatively than attempting to only take one or two dietary supplements.

Katie: After which with regards to the mainstream, sort of, extra well-known hair therapies which might be getting used proper now…So I’ve seen some which might be topical, I’ve seen commercials, not less than. I discussed folks take loads of biotin, method an excessive amount of normally. With these methods, what’s really occurring or how are they attempting to deal with hair loss? And perhaps give us a few of, like, the risk-benefit evaluation there and why these aren’t essentially good within the long-term.

Dr. Tami: For positive. Effectively, the topical are literally medicines. You recognize, there’s a model identify referred to as Rogaine and it’s an precise medicine that’s used topically. And it inhibits the enzyme…5 alpha-reductase is definitely residing in your hair follicle and it really is concerned in hair loss via the manufacturing of DHT, and it inhibits it on the follicular ranges. So, it’s efficient. However identical to your skincare needs to be checked out as if one thing that’s gonna be absorbed into your physique, your scalp can also be going to get absorbed into your physique. And so, these medicines have been identified to have a number of hormonal disruption. And so, why would you try this when there’s pure alternate options? There’s additionally issues that you could take orally, Propecia and issues like that, that once more will be very efficient, however it will disrupt your hormones. Something that you just ingest that’s imagined to disrupt your hormones is certainly gonna have a downward impact in your entire hormone tree, not simply that one that you really want.

So, each single factor that’s in the marketplace has an elevated danger and a few of them should not even permitted for ladies and also you don’t even know that. For those who’re going to strive a few of these merchandise, I problem you to take out the bundle insert and skim these tiny, tiny, tiny little phrases. You’ll be able to take an image of it together with your telephone if you could blow it up and truly learn it as a result of they don’t need you to learn it as a result of the unwanted side effects are scary, they usually’re long-term as effectively. Generally they don’t go away simply since you cease utilizing it.

Katie: And there’s clearly some hormonal variations between women and men. And Ian you touched on this slightly bit so far as…So I’m curious how that is…and also you talked in broad phrases, however is it efficient on each women and men? As a result of I feel that’s a giant key. We’re seeing, such as you talked about, these merchandise that had been primarily geared in direction of males however girls are actually utilizing them too as we see an increasing number of hair loss in girls. We’re seeing like they’ve unwanted side effects that aren’t protected, particularly if girls are on the lookout for postpartum hair loss cures. However as a result of I’d guess there are, sort of, perhaps totally different pathways, various things occurring in males versus girls, are you able to, sort of, stroll us via what’s occurring in these totally different instances and the way it’s addressing each?

Ian: Yeah, so we even have all the pieces arrange, and it’s bifurcated between women and men. So, now we have two totally different setups. Working example, we’re really doing an IRB trial for COVID lengthy haulers as a result of 65%, really the standing is slightly over 65% of all of the people who find themselves having lengthy haul points are reporting hair loss, and that’s something over 100 strands a day. So, noticeable, noticeable sizes. However what’s intriguing is there appears to be a preponderance of ladies. And while you begin to have a look at that, and clearly, nobody is aware of for sure and the information is certainly coming in as folks do an increasing number of analysis, however one of many issues that’s obviously obvious is that, like Tami was simply alluding to, issues in your scalp are associated to all the pieces in your physique as a result of it transfers via. And, you realize, therefore like finasteride, you might have points with hormonal dysregulation for males that may actually trigger chemical castration and an entire host of different not-so-fun issues that…You recognize, actually, that’s one of many causes I’d by no means even strategy that’s simply because the cost-benefit evaluation may be very skewed in a single route and it’s not a constructive one in my view.

However while you have a look at what’s happening with the preponderance of the people who find themselves shedding hair being feminine, you begin to…or not less than I did, I began to assume, “Effectively, why is that this?” And so, in our discussions, we had been taking a look at it and one of many important options is that as a result of it’s a hormonal operate partly, it’s a must to have a look at what’s driving that, the communication between your endocrine system. And with girls, there’s a a lot greater density of mitochondria of their ovaries, proper? And it’s a part of the reproductive system. It’s very a lot hormonally linked, proper? And so COVID lengthy haulers, there’s a mitochondrial dysregulation that happens. And so, the ovaries have roughly 100,000 mitochondria per cell. And the subsequent is 5,000 within the coronary heart.

So, when it comes to mitochondrial density, you’re taking a look at, in a girl, it’s ovaries, coronary heart, mind, eyes. And in a person, it’s coronary heart, mind, eyes. And also you’re seeing like within the German research on lengthy haulers that there have been post-COVID sufferers who had dysregulation in males, their coronary heart operate in over 85% of the instances. So, it’s not an actual far stretch to say, effectively, there’s clearly this cascaded mitochondrial dysregulation occurring and it’s additionally affecting the methods of communication when it comes to simply hormonal stability with the endocrine system. So, how will we deal with that? So, we began taking a look at how will we stability out the hormones? And therefore the extra dietary supplements which might be for males are totally different than the extra dietary supplements which might be for ladies. So we will tackle and, sort of, once more, hit on the trigger, you realize, and have a look at the best leverage factors, which on this case actually do appear to be a drop in systemic communication due to dysregulation within the reproductive system and because it hyperlinks to the endocrine system.

Dr. Tami: The opposite hormone that’s tremendous necessary for hair development and hair loss is cortisol. Excessive ranges of stress have been identified to haven’t solely your hair not develop but in addition trigger hair loss. We see that after sickness. We see that after COVID. We see that even simply while you’re stressed.

Ian: Presidency.

Dr. Tami: Sure, you’ll be able to have a look at the president. One of many issues that we all know is that cortisol at excessive sustained ranges, we simply weren’t designed for that, proper? Your adrenal glands are these tiny little walnut-sized glands that sit on high of your kidneys they usually’re there that will help you run away from a bear. That most likely ought to have lasted about two minutes. And by that point, you both have gotten away otherwise you had been eaten. We weren’t designed to maintain this. And so when you might have a stress that your physique perceives as a bear, however is definitely simply your boss, your deadline, your loved ones, your stress, your inbox, your visitors, your own home, all of this stuff maintain your cortisol ranges up. That does two issues.

One is it will increase the hormones and chemical substances in your physique that break issues down. You’ll most likely discover that your pores and skin doesn’t look pretty much as good both as a result of your collagen is breaking down. Collagen is a part of your hair. So, the issues which might be breaking down go sooner. After which the issues that construct, construct new collagen, construct your pores and skin, construct your hair, they’re not being made as a result of the adrenal glands are busy with cortisol. So, not solely is it the hormones of being a person or a feminine, it’s additionally the hormone of stress cortisol.

Katie: That’s such an necessary level. And I’ve talked earlier than about this sort of in a diverse strategy in that lots of people, I feel, simply consider stress when it comes to “I really feel confused” and that precise set off. However our our bodies, such as you talked about, understand stress and have that response from quite a lot of issues. And it may very well be the wrong sort of sunshine on the fallacious time of day. It may very well be your job, your boss, simply visitors, no matter it’s, or it may very well be issues like even low-level chemical publicity. Now we have so many extra inputs with regards to cortisol I really feel like proper now in society, actually COVID, and lockdown, and all of the issues we’ve been via up to now 12 months, it’s apparent to see stress and the way that’s affecting all of us. And so, I feel that’s such a very good level, too, is like addressing all of these.

My private expertise being that, I didn’t even understand, I had low-level stress for a few years resulting from previous trauma. And I ignored that for a very very long time and simply centered on what I used to be consuming and the dietary supplements, and figured that may repair it. And it actually wasn’t till I addressed that and realized I most likely was not in parasympathetic very a lot for a particularly very long time and noticed firsthand what a distinction that made as a result of all of the well being issues I assumed I used to be gonna repair with all of those different dietary supplements and loopy protocols all resolved themselves once I handled the underlying stress. And so I feel cortisol is a large key. And I identical to to remind folks, it’s not nearly feeling confused. You even have to have a look at issues that your physique is perceiving as stress, even if you happen to don’t essentially really feel the emotion of stress.

Dr. Tami: I at all times inform my sufferers that your adrenal glands don’t know the distinction between a marriage and a funeral. They’re irritating. And so, it doesn’t matter what you’re feeling. Similar to you had been saying, Katie, it actually doesn’t. The opposite factor about stress is I feel that it’s such a disservice that we as medical medical doctors may have sufferers who come to us now greater than ever speaking about stress after which we’ll inform them find out how to…we recommend to lower their stress. Actually? That’s so lame. After which how about my different favourite, handle your stress? What does that even imply, handle your stress? Your 5-year-old can not get their dinner, your boss remains to be a jerk, your undertaking remains to be due tomorrow. There’s nonetheless a lot happening.

So what I’ve provide you with is…that is my very own little, type of, story about stress. Stress occurs. Stress is like consuming. And we eat and meals will get throughout our enamel. And if it stays there, it causes cavities and gum illness. It could actually really trigger coronary heart illness. The micro organism from the gums can go right down to the…it will possibly trigger full havoc in your entire physique. So what will we do? We brush and floss, proper? How typically? No less than as soon as a day. Oftentimes greater than that. Why? As a result of you’ll be able to’t cease consuming. It’s the very same with stress. Stress shouldn’t be going away. It’s identical to the meals in your enamel. However now we have to brush and floss our cells from the stress every day. And the easiest way that I do know is meditation, not medicine however meditation. And there’s a plethora of analysis that helps that it decreases the hormones and chemical substances of stress.

Katie: That’s such an excellent analogy. I really like that. I’m gonna use that once more, for positive. I’ll quote you for positive. And I really like that you just guys are taking the holistic strategy to this. I feel there’s a few extra areas we have to go deep on as a result of it’s fascinating to me. And also you talked about photons and also you talked about I feel enzymes and minerals and loads of issues which might be most likely not being included within the mainstream dialog about hair loss. And I do know that you just guys, realizing each of you might have examined this actually rigorously and also you’ve seen unbelievable outcomes throughout the board. So I’d love so that you can, sort of, discuss the way you pulled in all these parts and what they’re particularly doing to the physique that’s inflicting these excessive outcomes.

Ian: Okay. So, wanting from the sub-cellular parts first. So, we’re utilizing particular minerals to dam oxidative stress on the inside mitochondrial membrane. And so the online impact of that element is that it up-regulates ATP manufacturing. Now, as I alluded to earlier, it’s not really including an ATP. It’s simply conserving you from shedding it. So you might have extra electrons to really put into the system. So your electron transport chain kicks out extra models of vitality. And it pertains to, like, the lengthy haulers as a result of these guys are successfully having a symptom referred to as the Warburg impact. And principally what which means is that your physique will get shunted into glycolysis contained in the cells. And so that you get 2 models of vitality out in lieu of 36. So, you’re at an enormous loss. And the online impact for hair is the follicles simply can’t produce the best way they might. So, in these cells, by advantage of upregulating the encompassing cells, you find yourself with a profit. So, we’re utilizing minerals to do this in a selected mix, to deal with one element.

Then we’ve checked out find out how to stimulate development components and get the cells to set off their very own development components. And we’re doing that via groupings of very particular groupings of amino acids. And while you gather these and also you drop them in, there are specific affinities contained in the cell that may bind with various kinds of amino acids. And it up-regulates the cell operate. And so, in one other element, that’s an additive cycle. And you then begin wanting on the different aspect of the wave as a result of, you realize, if you’d like one thing to extend in power, you alter its amplitude. And so it’s a must to have a look at the highest aspect and the underside aspect. So, the underside aspect on this state of affairs is detox pathways. So, once more, with that, we’re utilizing mixtures of pure compounds, a couple of minerals, you realize, the usual stuff that folks would see, however then a few non-standard holistic parts which might be slightly bit extra esoteric that folks don’t usually play with as a result of we wished to have the ability to pull out toxins.

And that’s important as a result of you’ll be able to solely reconstruct one thing in case you have an surroundings to reconstruct. It could, like, be akin to constructing a home and by no means ever taking away the particles as you construct the home. You recognize, at a sure level, you simply merely can’t restore it as a result of there are too many impediments in your method. So, as soon as every week, we do a full deep scalp detox. After which each time you apply the serum, there’s a minor intracellular detox operate that happens. So that you’ve obtained, sort of, the macroscopic strategy with the follicular cell detox on the floor and you then’ve obtained the microscopic strategy with the intracellular detox. After which we’ve used totally different lipid chains, that are simply, you realize, the flowery science phrase for fat, totally different lipid chains to stimulate the cells and to supply the bottom for a few of the energetic parts to really bind after which to drop into the vitality manufacturing cycle.

So, it’s simply wanting on the totality of how do you amp up the positives? How do you diminish the negatives? After which how do you, extra importantly, create a complete surroundings in order that all the pieces can do what it’s imagined to do? As a result of, once more, we’re going again to the physique is aware of what it’s imagined to do. It simply wants the impediments taken out of its method. After which we do a few additional hacks, just like the photonics stuff. And that’s really…There’s an amazing physique of analysis on low-level laser remedy. And a few of the finest analysis I learn once we had been doing this got here out of Harvard. And there’s a litany of it, and I’d advocate that anyone learn it as a result of it’s a must to in our system, you stability it out. You’ll do, you realize, photonic stimulation for 10 days, and you then’ll take 7 days off. And the rationale for that’s, the technical time period is a biphasic dose-response curve, which principally signifies that while you transcend a sure level, it doesn’t have a useful impact, it has a detrimental impact. So, you’ll be able to construct up the response within the cell cycle by overclocking it for roughly 10 to 13 days. However then while you transcend that time, it drops down and truly goes to a decrease state energetically than it was previous to beginning.

So, while you’re utilizing a factor referred to as a Janus mediator, which is what this triggers, and it’s Janus from the Greek god of two faces, proper? And so the biphasic element permits us to actually amp issues up. However then it’s a must to undergo a interval of integration the place you reset. And like anything, you wouldn’t work out on daily basis of the week, seven days every week as arduous as you would since you would possibly find yourself with one thing like rhabdomyolysis. So, not that that may ever occur as a result of solely individuals who have by no means heard of it find yourself with rhabdomyolysis. That stated, so you’ll be able to stimulate it however it’s a must to enable your physique time to combine. So, now we have a program that’s lined out so that you just’ll do 10 days on the place you overclock the cell cycle and you then drop out for 7 days in order that it resets and goes again to its unique place. After which as soon as it’s at stasis once more, you then start the overclocking. And we map that out over time to see what the most effective response was and that’s what examined out the most effective.

So, the mix of these after which the extra dietary supplements. So that you’ve obtained the scalp masking so you’ll be able to detox. You’ve obtained the serum that you just use to do the intracellular detox and upregulation of cell operate. And you then’ve obtained the photonic stimulation, and you then even have the complement element which might be balanced for women and men with the intention to tackle the hormonal parts. And likewise circulation and, you realize, do the derma rolling as a result of there’s an entire host of advantages to stimulating the circulation up there as a result of usually, your scalp doesn’t have a ton of it. However along with that, it’s additionally doing collagenases since you’re creating micro-fissures within the cells and round your scalp. And so, the online impact is your physique tries to restore it. And the issues that we included to stimulate the expansion components additionally set off the expansion there. So it’s, once more, an additive impact one on high of the opposite. Tami.

Dr. Tami: The opposite a part of it, you realize, I used to follow solely as a beauty surgeon, or a beauty doctor relatively, non-surgical, after which moved into stem cell remedy. So that is tremendous enjoyable to return into the beauty, however I can inform you that one of many issues that I made positive that I did is I’d odor, contact, and really feel all the pieces that I really helpful for my sufferers. And I can inform you that every one of that is luxurious. The serum is that this attractive purple. And it’s naturally like that. It doesn’t stink as a result of you aren’t going to go put pungent stuff in your hair regardless of if it really works or not. And it feels good. The derma curler doesn’t harm. You don’t want to fret about it. So not solely is that this going to work. It’s going to be a nice expertise. And in order that’s actually necessary if you happen to’re going to do one thing that’s gonna work, I feel that it shouldn’t be, like, grit your enamel, and plug your nostril, and suck it up. And that’s why we got here up with this method, the hair loss system, as a substitute of it simply being a one-off product.

Katie: That’s an excellent level. I’m glad you introduced that up as a result of actually, we see that quite a bit within the well being world. There’s loads of issues which might be actually useful and persons are simply not going to do them as a result of it’s a foul expertise. Effectively, like, an instance that involves thoughts, a pal of mine, who you guys really know as effectively now, eats uncooked liver on a regular basis for the iron. And I’ve began doing this as effectively. I’ll simply swallow a bunch of uncooked liver within the morning with simply water. It doesn’t style that nice, nevertheless it’s extraordinarily efficient for vitality. And most of the people I point out that to won’t ever, by no means, by no means strive it as a result of it’s not a nice expertise.

However I feel to circle again to a few belongings you talked about, Ian, I feel that had been actually necessary to focus on. The primary being that typically probably the most useful factor is subtractive. However that’s what the detox half is necessary. And sometimes, I feel we get caught up within the additive and we wanna simply maintain doing an increasing number of issues. And we don’t tackle that aspect as a lot. And likewise that dose-dependent response that extra shouldn’t be at all times higher and biking. I’ve talked about that a lot and even I say I don’t do something on daily basis, whether or not it dietary supplements, whether or not it’s train. The physique is extraordinarily adaptive however you don’t wanna do all the pieces each single day. So I really like that you just introduced up each of these factors. I do know that we’re going to get the query from loads of listeners about security throughout being pregnant and nursing. Now we have loads of mothers that hear. And as we already talked about, hair loss is a typical factor that may go together with these phases of life. So, are you able to give any particular steerage for mothers who’re pregnant and nursing?

Ian: Effectively, as I’m not a medical physician, nor do I play one on TV, I’ll take the primary crack at this. Yeah, primarily based on the parts that we’ve included in all the pieces…And there was a technique of going via and taking a look at different issues, a few of which labored extremely effectively. However on the finish of the day, the thought was to have probably the most holistic course of in order that there wasn’t something that you’d find yourself being broken by or ran the chance of getting issues with. And all people, sort of, shies away from it. However personally talking, if if you happen to wished to really eat this compound, it wouldn’t be detrimental. It could be extremely useful for you. And you would additionally likewise use it topically with nice profit. So, actually when it comes to, although it’s not terribly in style to say, you realize, people who find themselves pregnant or nursing…One, I’m not meaning to diagnose, deal with, or stop any situation with this. However yeah, it will be completely nice and protected. There’s not something inherent in any of the compounds that may toss something out of kilter. It’s sort of useful all the best way round.

Dr. Tami: And I feel the opposite factor to recollect is, you realize, once I have a look at one thing as an MD, I don’t go by simply is it FDA permitted or FDA says it’s protected or not. So, then I do my very own evaluation and go, “Okay, effectively, what is that this product of? So would this disrupt hormones?” In fact, that may be a very powerful factor in being pregnant. The reply isn’t any. It’s only a sequence of amino acids and issues. So, in principle, you would consider this as the identical method as an avocado face masks. It’s pure substances which might be put topically so that there’s not going to be any hurt for being pregnant or breastfeeding.

Katie: I’d love to speak slightly bit extra about how shortly it really works as a result of I do know I’ve seen some fairly superb leads to folks I do know personally. And I do know you guys each personally. So I’ve gotten, sort of, some insider data right here. However I feel most individuals have the notion that hair loss is a really lengthy course of to resolve as a result of the hair development course of is so gradual. And I do know you guys have tried this in loads of various kinds of instances. So, what are you seeing so far as outcomes and, sort of, timeline?

Dr. Tami: So, Ian despatched me the pictures and I’m like, “Yeah, we will’t say this.” We can not say that that there’s this a lot hair development in 4 weeks as a result of it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t observe my medical textbook information about how lengthy it takes to develop hair and the cycles. After which he jogged my memory that in fact it isn’t following the identical cycles. That’s the entire level of the properties of this serum. It’s up-leveling the cycles. So, as loopy because it sounds, it’s 4 weeks. We’ll see important hair development in 4 weeks. I maintain saying, “No, no, no, no, don’t say that. Say 12 weeks.” However I maintain seeing these footage at 4 weeks and it’s plain.

Ian: Yeah, a part of that’s biohacking, proper? We’re developing with a unique method to elicit a really particular response. And on this case, it was simply the parameters had been this. And so, you realize, make the hair develop as quickly as you’ll be able to, make it as wholesome as you’ll be able to, and make the method very elegant. And it does it effectively. And yeah, we’ve gone forwards and backwards about this however you shouldn’t have to beat the disbelief of issues and simply let folks discuss it themselves. That’s, I feel, really the most effective factor when it comes to one thing like this the place there’s positively going to be some reluctance to just accept that issues can occur extra quickly than they usually would occur in a organic setting. However if you happen to change the constraints, and on this case, you realize, we’re doing the rapidity with photonics. So it’s not…

I imply, simply learn the Harvard analysis. It’s there. Nobody had ever grouped it along with a system of parts that may do all of this, however the person parts had been there. It’s sort of akin to strolling in a room with all the elements for a bicycle. And most of the people would possibly have a look at it and go, “Effectively, it’s only a bunch of unusual sprockets and wheels.” But when you realize what it’s imagined to appear to be, and also you assemble it in the fitting style, then you might have this factor that does all these loopy issues and it accelerates your pace. And that’s principally it. So, it was an entire host of disparate issues that hadn’t been addressed earlier than. However yeah. And, you realize, in below a month, you’ll see a profound distinction. And that’s the best way it ought to work. Proper? You recognize, higher science.

I imply, I assure, 100 years from now, assuming, you realize, the wheels are nonetheless on the buses of society and we’re shifting ahead collectively as a species, it will appear archaic and gradual. And there’ll most likely be some type of factor the place, oh, my God, it took two hours, actually? It ought to have solely taken 20 minutes. You recognize, so it will appear, you realize, gradual against this, however proper now, it simply occurs to be…for, you realize, the temporal level we’re at proper now, that is most likely the most effective factor I’ve seen, and by far and away the quickest, and likewise pure and gained’t harm you, which is…And Tami most likely would have overwhelmed me with a stick if I had proposed to do it with any, type of, oddball compound that had unusual unwanted side effects. You recognize, it will do it however they’ll be radioactive for 3 days. That was taken off of the desk. Its secret ingredient is thorium. Yeah, that most likely wouldn’t have rolled effectively.

However yeah, it’s simply that, it’s higher science and higher drugs simply put collectively, you realize, in a system. And once more, as a result of we’ve all talked about this, you’ll be able to’t tackle find out how to heal the physique effectively except you tackle the physique in all of its totally different element methods as a result of it’s not only one factor. You’ll be able to’t pop a tablet, you’ll be able to’t simply smear a serum on. That won’t work. And if you happen to can trick the physique, you realize, ala finasteride, to dam one thing, you realize, in a follicular path so it’s not doing what it’s imagined to do, yeah, you are able to do that. However sadly, there’s a consequence to that. You recognize, I imply, this strikes in accord. It’s sort of just like the aikido model of issues. We’re utilizing the physique’s vitality with it in lieu of attempting to hit it in a detrimental style.

So yeah, it’s sooner and higher. It’s the Buckminster Fuller ephemeralization, you realize, sooner, higher, smarter, cheaper. And hopefully, that may, you realize, get some type of shift within the market that different folks see this and go, “Oh, there’s a greater method to do it.” As a result of I assure, we gained’t be the one folks that…we is perhaps the primary folks that have figured this out, however hopefully, we gained’t be the one folks that determine it out. It ought to elicit a change throughout the market the place folks go, “Oh, effectively, have a look at this. These guys are making a method of doing it the fitting method. We should always do the identical factor.” And in the end, I imply, I do know the three of us, what we’re all attempting to do is transfer the needle. So…

Katie: And it is a query I didn’t assume to ask you guys forward of time. So if the reply is that you just don’t know but or that you could’t discuss it, I completely perceive that. However does this work anyplace that there are hair follicles? I’m pondering particularly for there’s lots of people listening who’ve thyroid points, and I used to have Hashimoto’s. There will be hair loss on the eyebrows and even eyelashes with thyroid points. I do know that is perhaps most likely not geared in direction of use by the eyes. So perhaps you reply this from the attitude of is it okay to make use of close to the eyes and/or may it doubtlessly be useful there as effectively?

Dr. Tami: Yay, I’m so glad you requested. The reply is sure. And we also have a charity nonprofit the place individuals who undergo chemotherapy lose their eyelashes and eyebrows, and this may be utilized safely and it will possibly assist develop again your follicles. Completely.

Ian: Yeah, that was, once more, going again to the thought of being protected throughout the board, additionally facial hair. And that’s one other actually good one which I feel it’s extra of a beauty factor however lots of people which have patchy beards and issues like that may need to use the identical system there. One of many different questions that lots of people who previous to testing it requested was, is that this going to develop hair in locations the place I don’t have hair? No, it gained’t. It is going to stimulate collagen nevertheless it’s not going to stimulate new hair in unusual spots the place you don’t have it.

Katie: That’s humorous.

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I suppose slightly little bit of a deviation however since I’ve you each right here and folks would possibly ask this query as a follow-up. You talked about the expansion cycles of hair and I feel laser hair elimination, and I’m curious…I’ve gotten an honest quantity of questions on that and if it’s protected recently. And I don’t know offhand the information on laser hair elimination and if it’s protected. It looks like it’s utilizing a unique…It’s most likely doing sort of the other nearly of what that is. It’s utilizing these in a nonbeneficial method from the hair follicle perspective versus a useful method. However simply any ideas? I do know, it’s a deviation on the protection of laser hair elimination.

Dr. Tami: No worries. I’m most likely uniquely capable of reply this as a result of I simply bought my medical spa that I owned for 13 years the place we had two totally different lasers that had been used for hair elimination. And they’re protected. Now, they’re not protected for you in being pregnant. Why? As a result of they haven’t been examined. And lightweight frequency can doubtlessly, you realize, go penetrate the place we don’t need it to. However for normal folks, it’s utilizing mild and it really goes down and it’s a warmth factor. And there’s really a hair bulb and a hair bulge method, method, method down. And if you happen to’ve ever gotten your hair waxed and, you realize, you checked out it, and there’s that like waxy little bulb on the finish, that’s what it’s. And there’s like a tiny little stem cell there, too. It’s damaging the hair bulb and the hair bulge in order that it will possibly’t regrow.

Katie: That’s fascinating and actually good to know. And I’m positively very excited to be attempting your guys’ product as effectively. And I’m curious, it looks like it’s gonna work actually shortly anyway. However is there anything we will do since we’re speaking about the entire holistic strategy, whether or not it’s diet, whether or not it’s, I’d guess managing our cortisol higher? So I at all times advocate get mild within the morning in order that your physique is aware of that it’s morning. Cease getting mild at night time in order that your physique is aware of it’s nighttime. That impacts cortisol fairly a bit. So do the apparent ways in which we will tackle stress. However are there different issues we will do to, sort of, even, like, give our physique the interior increase as effectively and make this much more efficient?

Dr. Tami: I feel that fasting is a very large matter proper now, each water fasting, long-term fasting, intermittent fasting. And I at all times have a philosophy that one thing may very well be proper nevertheless it may not be best for you, and it may not be best for you proper now. And so, fasting and attempting to develop hair on the similar time shouldn’t be a good suggestion. That’s one factor. Now, if you happen to’re simply delaying your breakfast and having a higher interval of not consuming, then that’s not the identical and, you realize, intermittent fasting. However we wanna be sure that your physique is getting sufficient diet. You recognize, vitamin C is in seven elements of the pathway to make collagen. And so ensuring that you just’re consuming sufficient brightly coloured greens and fruit. You recognize, folks assume, “Oh, I’ll simply take vitamin C.” Effectively, vitamin C is ascorbic acid and it’s only a tiny a part of the holistic vitamin C molecule. It’s not really the entire vitamin C molecule. So that you need to give your physique what it actually may acknowledge. In case your great-great-great-grandmother may acknowledge it, then it’s fairly good. So just remember to’re consuming a really brightly coloured weight-reduction plan. Ensure you’re getting sufficient protein to help the amino acids. And watch out of stresses as a result of fasting generally is a stress for some folks.

Ian: The opposite apparent one is the train element as a result of a lot of it’s depending on oxygenation and correct blood stream, proper? You’ve gotta get the vitamins. I imply, we will additively place issues topically however you continue to must get blood stream up there and have entry to what Tami was simply alluding to, have entry to all of the vitamins which might be going to be the parts that basically do elicit that change. So that you’ve gotta do some type of train. It doesn’t must be tremendous rigorous or something like that. However even strolling really could be good, particularly this present day when folks can’t exit to the fitness center in loads of states. That’s really the one different one I’d add is if you happen to can deal with your weight-reduction plan and your stress stage, shout out to meditation. It’s considered one of my fave pastimes as effectively. I feel these three issues, you realize, the meditation, the weight-reduction plan, and light-weight train, along with the construction of the system that we put collectively. That’s just about the trick proper there.

Katie: Good. And I’ll be sure that now we have direct hyperlinks within the present notes. That’s for any of you guys listening whereas, hopefully, exercising or perhaps driving. And I may also put hyperlinks to a few of the research that we’ve talked about for the folks like me who like to go deep on the analysis, in addition to to a publish the place I’ve written concerning the mild element and concerning the stress parts. So that you guys can go deeper on these as effectively. And as we get to the top of our time, Ian, I do know I already requested you this on our first episode, however I’m gonna ask you once more too. I at all times like to ask, selfishly, for any e-book suggestions, if there have been books which have had a profound impression in your life and if that’s the case, what they’re and why.

Dr. Tami: I feel that the…so many books. In fact, I really like studying. The e-book that I had that has had the most important impression on my life is the one which I learn over and time and again, and I feel it’s as a result of it says one thing totally different each time. It’s referred to as “The 4 Agreements.” I feel it’s only a good life lesson and a great way to discover ways to change your perspective at no matter part of life. I used to be really flying right here and I assumed, “You recognize what? I feel that ‘The 4 Agreements’ e-book could be a superb commencement current.” It’s simply such a…That is the best way that…if you happen to can see the world this fashion, it’s gonna be quite a bit higher for you.

Ian: Okay. I’ve been chomping on the bit for this query, often because I had a really profound expertise since final we spoke. The e-book could be “Energy vs. Drive” by David Hawkins. Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, actually, probably the most impactful e-book I’ve ever learn. And really, the profundity is off the charts. I want, I hope everybody goes out and will get it. Simply the outline of the development of human consciousness and the evolution of us individually and the way it pertains to what we will do to assist each other and transfer society alongside, really lovely. Bar none, probably the most impactful factor I’ve ever learn. And I’d actually advocate with all of my coronary heart that everyone exit and get it, learn it, and try to apply the concepts and the rules in it. Simply unbelievable.

Katie: I really like each of these suggestions a lot. I’ve most likely purchased, at this level, perhaps 50 copies of “The 4 Agreements.” Everyone on the Wellness Mama group has learn it. My youngsters have learn it. I give it to mates on a regular basis. And I only recently additionally learn “Energy vs. Drive.” And it’s now on my oldest son’s studying record. I move on the actually good ones. I do the five-minute abstract on the again after which move it on to my youngsters. So, I’m excited for him to get to learn that at nearly 15 versus me attending to learn it now at my age. It’s positively a profound e-book, for positive. And I really like each of these. I already knew I liked you guys. Now I really like you much more.

And I’m actually excited that we obtained to go deep on this right now as a result of I feel, like we talked about to start with, so many individuals are affected by this. Lots of people perhaps are even shy to speak about it and really feel ashamed due to it. And I’ve at all times appeared for the holistic options. I do know that you just guys have as effectively. And I do know, Dr. Tami, we talked about a few of these issues, not hair loss, particularly, however the holistic aspect of issues years in the past. And I’m at all times excited once I can discover an choice that’s insanely efficient and likewise pure. And that’s a really, very arduous mixture to nail. And I really like that you just guys have carried out that. So any last ideas or recommendation?

Dr. Tami: Sure, you jogged my memory of one thing. I need to encourage all people to reframe self-care. It’s not egocentric. It’s not useless. You don’t want to really feel ashamed. Self-care will be science-based and it’s good for you.

Katie: I really like that. That could be a good place to finish. I’m gonna make {that a} quotable as a result of I feel, particularly as girls and mothers, we will really feel responsible for self-care. And I do know that that overuse analogy about placing by yourself masks first and masks, in fact, have an entire totally different connotation after this previous 12 months however that has a ripple impact. It impacts all of us. And I’ve stated from the start that mothers, particularly, are probably the most highly effective drive on the planet. And so something we do as mothers to assist with self-care, deal with ourselves, it ripples out and impacts so many individuals. So I really like that you just introduced that up. I really like you guys. I do know that there shall be many extra rounds and I sit up for them.

And I’m so grateful for you guys in your time right now. And naturally, as at all times, grateful to all of you for listening, for sharing your most beneficial assets, your time, and your vitality with us right now. We’re all so grateful that you just did, and I hope that you’ll be part of me once more on the subsequent episode of the “Wellness Mama” podcast.

For those who’re having fun with these interviews, would you please take two minutes to go away a score or overview on iTunes for me? Doing this helps extra folks to search out the podcast, which suggests much more mothers and households may gain advantage from the data. I actually recognize your time, and thanks as at all times for listening.

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