On this interview, CJ Hopkins, an American playwright, novelist and columnist who at the moment resides in Berlin, Germany, discusses the implementation of the globalist plan for a brand new regular, often known as the Great Reset. The primary 12 months or two of Part 1, Hopkins describes because the “shock-and-awe” section.

“It is fairly traditional,” he says. “It is the hysteria that was rolled out proper at first of [the COVID-19 pandemic]. We had the pretend footage of individuals dropping useless within the streets in China, and so they had been promoting a 3.4% dying price. Tons of of tens of millions of individuals had been going to die.

States of emergency had been declared. I lined all of this with citations in my early columns. Mainly, a police state was rolled out and everybody was locked down. Right here in Europe, the police had been arresting individuals for being outdoors with out permission. Neighbors began reporting their neighbors for going open air with no masks or past curfew.

That was just about the entire first 12 months. This was actually shock and awe. It appears like now we’re shifting into Part 2 with the rollout of a social segregation system and vaccine passes. In quite a lot of methods, I really feel like Part 2 goes to be extra insidious than Part 1 was.”

What’s in Retailer for Part 2?

Whereas hesitant to foretell what’s to come back, Hopkins fears some model of the meant social segregation system might be applied regardless of public pushback. “That basically issues me,” he says. Even partial implementation will be sufficient to get the proverbial foot within the door, so to talk, to permit a fuller implementation to happen afterward.

Within the U.S., resistance by sure states is encouraging. To date, 14 states have applied legal guidelines banning the requirement of vaccine passports to forestall a two-tier society from forming. In Europe, nonetheless, because of the smaller sizes of every nation, it’s simpler to create the ideological uniformity required to impose these techniques, so what occurs there stays to be seen. When requested how he’s structuring his resistance to the plan for international tyranny, Hopkins replies:

“The principle method is thru my ‘Consent Manufacturing unit’ columns. My essays. And thru the ‘Consent Manufacturing unit’ on social media. I attempt to whip up as a lot resistance and create as a lot consciousness as I can and urge individuals to unfold that and do the identical. That is what I do. My medium is phrases.

On a private degree, I feel it is actually essential to not cooperate with the system. For instance, in Germany, they’re rolling out a segregation system in order that if I need to go to a restaurant, a café, a nonessential retailer or attend the theater, I have to current both a proof of vaccination or a unfavourable take a look at inside 24 hours to enter these institutions.

I feel it is actually essential for these of us who’re pushing again in opposition to this, to not play alongside. I will attempt to go to the eating places. I will attempt to enter the shops.

And I need to make the individuals who have been made answerable for the system, I need to make them eject me, and I need to politely however loudly make it clear: ‘You are ejecting me out of your institution as a result of I am not conforming to this insane ideological program.’ Hopefully, if lots of people do that, sufficient social friction will be created and construct resistance to it.”

Coerced Compliance Is Not a Return of Freedom

Within the U.S., the lifting of mask mandates for vaccinated people solely seems to be a part of the extra insidious type we are able to anticipate in Part 2. In essence, it’s simply one other technique to coerce compliance with vaccination. “Get the vaccine and you’ll have your freedom; you possibly can return to regular,” is the thought right here.

However it’s a false freedom. Being coerced to adjust to the demand to be a guinea pig for an experimental gene therapy with the intention to “regain” fundamental human freedom is hardly freedom.

“That is what I imply by I feel Part 2 goes to be extra insidious than Part 1, as a result of that is precisely proper. We’re getting this carrot-and-stick stuff,” Hopkins says. “Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton got here out and tweeted, ‘Get vaccinated or put on a masks.’ That is it. These are the alternatives …

My sense is the masks rules will most likely be the very last thing to go right here in Germany. Clearly, the masks, I feel, had been the first technique of producing the looks of an apocalyptic plague that’s threatening the very material of society. When individuals take off their masks, the phantasm will simply evaporate.”

Suffocating Censorship Abounds

As within the U.S., Germany and nearly all different nations are experiencing extreme censorship of something COVID-19 associated. Hopkins describes the scenario as “suffocating,” saying “it has been probably the most spectacular and horrifying experiences that I can bear in mind.”

In a short time, the German media, authorities and leisure trade began marching in lockstep. Gleichschaltung is a German phrase that harkens again to the Nazi regime. Gleich means “the identical” and schaltung means “to modify.”

“What it means is mainly synchronizing all points of tradition, messaging and beliefs within the society to make every part completely uniform and to eradicate all dissent,” Hopkins explains. “In fact, that is what the Nazis did, and that is precisely what I’ve witnessed right here.

It occurred nearly immediately, within the spring of 2020. And it has been completely suffocating. Anybody protesting, questioning or difficult the official narrative has been demonized as a far-right conspiracy theorist, an anti-Semitic extremist. It has been actually intense.”

How Did We Get Right here?

For a lot of, myself included, the present actuality is past surreal. It’s like residing in a nightmare, hoping to get up at any second. How did we get right here? Hopkins gives his private tackle the scenario:

“I began writing political satire and commentary again in 2016. I did that as a result of I bought within the Donald Trump phenomenon. I am not a fan of Donald Trump personally, however one thing new was occurring and it caught my consideration.

What I lined all in the course of the Trump years was this unauthorized president bought elected and it felt to me like this was a part of a broader populist pushback in opposition to no matter you need to name it — international capitalist ideology is what I name it — and what we have been residing with for the final 30 years for the reason that fall of the Soviet Union …

Out of the blue round 2016, there was Brexit and Trump and numerous reactionary populist actions rising up in Europe. It me. This is some resistance in opposition to the brand new ideology.

What I watched, what I described in my columns and in my books, was the system, your complete international system, and that is the place it will get too simplistic to speak about as a result of it isn’t a bunch of capitalists sitting in a room, scheming and plotting all this out. It is the system reacting to this insurgency, to this kind of populist rebel inside it.

And what they did could be very clear. They made an instance of Trump. They demonized him. They demonized everyone who put him in workplace. Actually polarized society so that you just had been both a superb Democrat otherwise you had been a white supremacist, racist, neo-Nazi monster. They did this for 4 years strong and, in fact, all of it culminated in 2020 once they eliminated Trump from workplace after which had the large spectacle of ‘restoring normality.’

I am unable to assist however see the rollout of the ‘new regular’ and this complete narrative, this introduction, of what I see as a extra totalitarian model of world capitalist society. I see this in that very same context.

Some extent that I at all times make about that is the lockdowns had been the large factor to start with, proper? And for many of the final 12 months. The place does the idea of lockdown come from? Nicely, it comes from prisons. And when do you lock the prisoners down? You lock them down once they’re rebelling, once they’re rioting.

And also you do it to remind them, ‘Hey, you are in jail, and we are able to lock you down and impose any sort of measures on you that we wish, any time we wish, till you begin toeing the road.’ I can’t assist however see what we have been by throughout this previous 12 months as a part of that lesson that the ruling institution, the system itself, is instructing us …

There is a e book that I like to recommend to everybody — particularly to true believers if any of them are watching and so they nonetheless have just a bit little bit of an open thoughts — by Milton Mayer, referred to as ‘They Thought They Had been Free.’ He was right here in Germany within the Thirties because the Nazis got here to energy, as this ideological synchronization was rolled out. And what he describes mirrors nearly precisely what we have been experiencing.

The context is totally totally different. It isn’t a political ideology that is being rolled out [now]. However simply the introduction of this official narrative, this official ideology, and the coercion and implementation of police measures and the abrogation of the structure [is the same as back then].

And folks’s reactions to it and nonreactions to it. The way it was all applied step-by-step by step, the outdated ‘how one can boil a frog’ factor. For those who learn that and examine it to what we have been by for the final 12 months, it is simply horrifying.”

What Can We Do?

The e book, “They Thought They Had been Free,” is on the market as a free PDF obtain here. Now, if what we’re experiencing is subjugation coaching, how can we most successfully resist it? Actually, we have to unfold the phrase and collaborate with mates and neighbors, as a result of in the event that they’re listening to the mainstream media, they’re not getting this in any respect.

To me, probably the most horrifying components of this are the makes an attempt to coerce individuals into getting vaccinated with an experimental gene remedy. What’s occurring is absolute 100% unlawful and a transparent violation of the Nuremberg Code, as a result of the one method you may give knowledgeable consent to something is to have either side of the story.

However they’re solely presenting one facet. Something that opposes their narrative is straight away censored. Folks with any sort of following on social media are merely deplatformed. Consequently, individuals don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.

Clearly, we now have to appreciate that it is a long-term recreation. The globalists, the technocratic elite who’re working this nightmare simulation, have been organizing and planning its execution for many years. They’re not flying by the seat of their pants. They’ve a long-term recreation plan, and we have to set up one too, even when, for the second, we’re lagging behind.

“I feel you are completely proper and this is the reason I introduced up that time period, Gleichschaltung, this synchronization,” Hopkins says. “It’s extremely clear to me, to you, to these of us who’ve been paying consideration, the depth of the hassle to silence dialogue. To silence dissent. To silence questioning.

To current this uniform ideological narrative … and there is no room in it for questioning, for argument, for a dialogue. For those who query it, you’re completely demonized. It makes it actually troublesome to speak. I am a satirist, so I feel I sort of slip by the traces as a result of possibly the censors do not know if I’m severe or not.

It is harder for people who find themselves simply making an attempt to current information and knowledge as a result of they’re getting utterly shut out. I feel we now have to proceed to attempt to do it it doesn’t matter what. I feel it is essential to repeatedly current the information.

To repeatedly level out what occurred at first of this — All of the propaganda. All of the false data. The place [the virus] got here from. The fashions. The way in which the PCR exams had been used to generate the looks that all of the sudden, completely wholesome individuals turned medical instances.”

How a Actual-World Pandemic Simulation Was Created

That final level is a vital one. We now know, quite unequivocally, that we didn’t have a deadly pandemic as a lot as we had a casedemic, that means a pandemic of false optimistic exams.

The overwhelming majority had been completely wholesome, however as a result of the PCR tests had been run at a ridiculously and indefensibly excessive cycle threshold (CT), they picked up useless fragments of the virus, leading to false positives. Medication as we all know it was all of the sudden turned on its head, and these wholesome people had been deemed “sick” based mostly on flawed testing and nothing else.

As soon as precise dying counts dropped, mainstream media reverted from flashing dying statistics to “case” statistics, thereby making it seem as if the pandemic was raging, whilst hospitals remained empty of COVID-19 sufferers.

“It’s so irritating as a result of you possibly can’t get this by to people who find themselves true believers,” Hopkins says. “Initially, the take a look at was by no means meant to be diagnostic of sickness. However the truth that you might flip this take a look at as much as 40, 50 cycles, and all of the sudden individuals who had been completely wholesome, with no signs of sickness in any respect, turned medical instances.

The subsequent step, in fact, was to make use of that to inflate the deaths. Then individuals who had been dying in hospitals, they didn’t must be dying of [some other] sickness anymore. In the event that they had been examined and the PCR take a look at confirmed that they had been contaminated, then they had been COVID deaths. After which these statistics had been exploded. They mainly redefined conventional established scientific and medical information.”

That too is a key level. The official narrative violates nearly every part we find out about medication and science. They usually did it just by redefining phrases. The World Well being Group redefined the phrase “pandemic.” The medical time period “case” was redefined, as was the definition of a “COVID dying.” They’ve redefined the time period “herd immunity” and even the time period “anti-vaxxer.”

In line with Merriam-Webster, an “anti-vaxxer” is now anybody who opposes vaccination or just disagrees with vaccine mandates. Primarily based on this loosened definition, an estimated 79% of People are actually anti-vaxxers.1 Most lately, they redefined what a “breakthrough case” is among the many vaccinated.

It’s All About Manipulating Statistics

Those that outline the phrases management the narrative. Just by redefining what constitutes sickness, they’re in a position to dial the pandemic up and down at will. On the day President Biden was inaugurated, the pandemic was dialed again by the WHO merely reducing the really helpful CT. By then, the vaccination program had begun, and to make the vaccines seem efficient, the caseload wanted to say no.

Sadly, breakthrough instances began showing, that means totally vaccinated people had been being hospitalized for COVID-19. So, the U.S. Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention modified the definition of a breakthrough case and lowered the really helpful CT when testing totally vaccinated people.2

The CDC not information delicate or asymptomatic infections in vaccinated people as “COVID instances.” The one instances that now depend as COVID instances — if the affected person has been vaccinated in opposition to COVID-19 — are people who lead to hospitalization or dying.3,4 And, like magic, the vaccine effectiveness bought a lift. Breakthrough instances dropped by a number of thousand in a single day, from 10,262 (as of April 30, 2021)5 to three,0166 (as of June 1, 2021).

In the meantime, for those who’re unvaccinated and are available down with a light case, or for those who take a look at optimistic at a better CT and don’t have any signs, you continue to depend as a COVID case. So, we now have this remarkably unscientific and illogical scenario the place testing guidelines and definitions of sickness range relying on whether or not the affected person is vaccinated or unvaccinated!

There’s just one cause for doing one thing as unprecedented as this, and that’s to control statistics. This enables the CDC to inflate the caseload amongst unvaccinated individuals and reduce breakthrough instances among the many vaccinated. The tip result’s that unvaccinated individuals will seem extra susceptible to an infection, although they’re not, and the vaccines will seem much more protecting than they really are.

“The rationale it’s so troublesome to withstand is [because] this simulation has been created by all of those signifies that we’re speaking about, and the individuals who imagine on this simulation — I’ve likened them to cult members — there is no shaking their perception on this,” Hopkins says.

“I feel it is essential, nonetheless, to maintain confronting them and presenting these information to everyone. The opposite [strategy] is on a private degree, simply as I used to be saying earlier than.

I feel it is essential that these of us who usually are not true believers on this new ideology proceed to attempt to stay in accordance with actuality, and refuse to reify it, refuse to behave in accordance with these guidelines which might be being imposed.

Basically, the concept that something about this virus requires a radical restructuring of society the place I’ve to current my medical papers to get a cup of espresso is insane. It is actually insane. And it is essential that these of us who proceed to have a grip on actuality deal with it as insane, and never deal with it as reliable in any respect …”

Extra Info

To learn extra of what Hopkins has to say, please go to his web site, cjhopkins.com, or weblog, consentfactory.org. He additionally has a Substack and Patreon account the place you could find his work.

In closing, I imagine a serious a part of the answer is to develop different distribution networks which might be censorship resistant. Finally, we’d like a decentralized Web. That’s at the moment within the works, however full implementation of it’s certain to take years. Within the meantime, we now have to excellent on-line “guerilla techniques” to get across the censorship and type collaborative networks. We additionally want to interact in peaceable civil disobedience in our day-to-day lives. As famous by Hopkins:

“Till we get there, it is essential to proceed to make use of no matter means. Individuals are making an attempt to keep away from Fb censors by enjoying with the fonts and the images and what have you ever. It is one other factor that individuals can examine — in totalitarian societies, individuals tailored.

Everybody knew that the official sources had been simply pumping out propaganda, so, they discovered how one can converse and skim between the traces. It’d grow to be increasingly needed to search out methods to not say immediately what you are saying, however quite level to it in order that it will probably lead different individuals to the place you are going. So, use no matter means are nonetheless out there to get the information, to get actuality, on the market.

Secondly, and I feel simply as essential, again to my level about how we stay our on a regular basis lives. Return to that restaurant the place I’ve to point out my vaccine cross or my take a look at to take a seat down and get a cup of espresso. I’ve selections. I might select to remain dwelling. I might select to get a counterfeit vax cross.

Neither a kind of to me are the fitting selections as a result of the selection is to go and demand that individuals deal with me in accordance with actuality and never deal with me in accordance with the foundations of their new ideology. Create that friction … I’ve no hostility to the server, however I need to make that server uncomfortable with what she or he is doing.

I need to make the opposite people who find themselves sitting within the restaurant uncomfortable watching me be ejected, watching me be segregated as a result of I do not conform to this ideology. Perhaps all of them go dwelling and sleep soundly. Perhaps two of them are haunted by that second.

Perhaps they see one other second like that in one other café the subsequent day. Or on the cinema that evening once they exit. The extra moments they see of individuals standing up and saying, ‘That is insane and it’s flawed and I am not going to cooperate with it’ — all these little moments of friction, they’ll construct and create the resistance that we’d like.”

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