Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to let Republicans choose their very own members for her Choose Committee on the January 6 riot, making the panel look clearly stacked. However on the Week in Review segment of Friday’s PBS NewsHour, this was an unlucky kerfuffle that ought to be ignored. New York Instances columnist David Brooks referred to as any complaints in regards to the stacking “90 p.c BS.”

PBS anchor Judy Woodruff started by touting “very highly effective testimony” from 4 Capitol Law enforcement officials who “spoke very movingly.” Then she added “you’ve Republicans who do not wish to be a part of that committee — there’s nonetheless the anger over Speaker Pelosi about not — about taking Republicans off the committee. Is that effort going to result in one thing productive?”

Washington Put up columnist E.J. Dionne supported the stacking: “I feel Nancy Pelosi made the proper name in warding off the committee individuals who had been going to mainly attempt to wreck the dialog. There have been two Republicans there, Congressman Kinzinger and Congresswoman Cheney. They had been nice. They had been clear. And I feel that is going to be productive.”

Woodruff then turned to Brooks, who mentioned most conservatives misplaced contact with actuality: 

WOODRUFF: You continue to although, do have, David, the Republican majority within the Home, Kevin McCarthy, and everybody round him saying this can be a travesty and beginning to blame Speaker Pelosi herself for what occurred on January 6.

DAVID BROOKS: Sure, which is 90 p.c B.S.

….If I can get slightly autobiographical, I got here to Washington in 1985, the identical yr as a man named Dinesh D’Souza, who was a conservative man from Dartmouth, and I used to be from College of Chicago. And we used to go to brunch. And we had been a part of the identical neighborhood of, like, conservative pundits and politicians.

I saw a segment of Dinesh D’Souza on YouTube at the moment, which was him exhibiting bits of the testimony, actually emotional testimony, and Dinesh D’Souza is laughing at them for being wimps and cowards. And it was repulsive. And to suppose that I spent my profession as a part of, like, a neighborhood, and half of the neighborhood went off within the never-Trump world, which I did, after which the opposite half went fully bonkers, in my opinion.

And so Dinesh D’Souza is a part of that neighborhood, and Tucker and all — Carlson — and all of the folks we grew up with. And in order that’s in my little world. However that is the Republican world, that you simply — folks went off in radically totally different instructions from the place they had been within the Reagan years. And that is a part of our nationwide life. And I ponder the place the elected officers, the place they will find yourself, as a result of, ultimately, it’s important to determine whether or not you are going to be with Dinesh D’Souza or you are going to be with actuality.

Capitol Law enforcement officials ought to be thanked for defending the Capitol on January 6. However the Manichean pose right here, that you’re both “By no means Trump” or indifferent from actuality, just isn’t severe. You might be appalled by the riot….and by Pelosi’s try and stack a committee and use the riot as a midterm-elections technique. 

Naturally, Dionne agreed with Brooks and provided the same old doom-saying about Republicans in 2022: 

I feel one of many miserable issues, notably about Republicans within the Home, is that the overwhelming majority are both there on the Dinesh D’Souza facet or afraid to not be there. And that does not bode properly for the Republican Get together in the long term.

And I feel, politically, it is not going to be good both, as a result of the 2022 elections are going to be determined by turnout, sure, of the bottom, however in vital half by average folks within the suburbs, lots of whom swung to Biden. This Republican Get together that does not wish to tackle the violence on the Capitol, these suburban voters are usually not going to heat to that in 2022.

PBS: Operating down the Republicans with Republican taxpayer cash since 1969.

Oh, and with “main funding” from Fidelity Wealth ManagementConsumer Cellular, and Johnson & Johnson.

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